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Bowls s kuřecí masem

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Welcome to the magical category of wedding cakes. We’ll be very happy to enhance your festive table on this very special day. Your guests won’t soon forget.
We try to create a unique style for our wedding cakes. They come in round, square or heart-shaped, and the insides are your choice of a cake from Ollies' main offerings.

A wedding cake can make an exquisite decoration of your table on this special day so that your guests cannot forget it!

Every wedding is a personalised matter for us, tailor-made specially for you. Contact us according to the information on the internet site – category „Wedding cakes“. It all starts with booking the date and place well in advance, and meetings to agree on the details of the order will follow, where we will finalise the number of cakes, their shapes, colours and contents – all according to your needs. You can see several examples of the hundreds od successful executions on our site.

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1. Initial Contact

If you are interested in our wedding cakes, please contact us by phone 733 576 752 or e-mail ( to arrange a preliminary meeting to discuss the possibilities for an order.

2. Meeting

During the meeting it's useful to discuss such things as:
a) Size of the cake
According to the number of portions you need, we'll recommend a cake size and number of tiers. You can't easily tell how many portions there would be according to the weight, as the different types of cakes differ in content.
b) The shape and looks
Wedding cake on a stand – it's quite practical as far as cutting and transport is concerned, as every tier is lying on a separate tray. The cake is assembled right on your wedding table, using a plastic stand in the style of Greek columns. Note: we require a refundable deposit of 2000 CZK on the stand, which needs to be returned undamaged within 3 days after your wedding to any Ollies branch.
Wedding cake with gelatine on a stand – this is the only type of wedding cake that contains gelatine, and is covered with fondant only on the sides. The stand can be disassembled into individual tiers. We bring the parts of the cake separately and put the cake together right on your wedding table. We offer 3, 4 and 5-tier stands. Note: we require a refundable deposit of 500 CZK on the stand, which needs to be returned undamaged within 3 days after your wedding at any Ollies branch.
Multiple-tier cake without a stand – the classic, most common version of our wedding cakes, in which the individual tiers are put directly onto one another. We offer this type of cake in three shapes: round, square, heart-shaped.
c) Decorating your cake
We decorate cakes according to your wish and will be happy to hear any ideas from you. We'll share our experience with you and together we'll find the best solution.
Decorative relief: a fine surface finish with a royal glazing made mostly from sugar. We can colour it as you wish.
Ribbons and organza: we like to use satin ribbons and organza of various colours for decoration of wedding cakes. They can be tied in different ways.
Fresh flowers: we use fresh flowers of your choice to match the rest of your wedding decorations.
These three categories of cake decoration can be combined to your liking.
d) Contents of the cake
We offer the following types of our cakes for your wedding: Chocolate-Raspberry Cake, Tangerine Cake, Amadeus Cake, Havana Cake, Caramel Cake, Lime Cake, Raspberry Cake, Piňacolada Cake, Strawberry Cake, Sacher Cake.
e) Delivery to the reception
We will be pleased to make sure that your wedding order arrives unharmed to the very location of your reception, in order to to spare you the hassle of the complicated transport of this fragile jewel of your wedding table.
f) Additional products
1. Thank you cakes – we offer "thank you" cakes for the bride and groom's parents, which can come in many shapes and sizes, and with a similar look as the main wedding cake. We recommend special gift boxes with a see-through lid.
2. Cupcakes – we offer cupcakes in various flavours and sizes according to your wish.
3. Chocolate tartlets – original miniature desserts filled with a forest fruit and cream of your choice, with a wedding decoration.
4. Classical cakes and strudels – our classical cakes and strudels make an excellent addition to your wedding table

3. Price quote

When you have specified your requirements, we'll prepare a non-binding quote for you (including transport).

4. Confirmation of the order

When you have confirmed the order, we'll send a confirmation with a summary of the order to the e-mail address provided.

5. Payment

Two weeks before your wedding we'll send an invoice to your e-mail address, on the basis of which you can make the transfer. The invoice is due the last Monday before your wedding.

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