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Bowls s kuřecí masem

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valid for shopping at


    1. Definition of terms

      1. Seller – Ollies dorty s.r.o. , Výstavní 2968/108, Ostrava-Vítkovice, ZIP code 70300, IČ(identification number):28596030, DIČ (tax identification number): CZ28596030

      2. Buyer – customer of the e-shop. Due to the current legal conditions, we are bound to distinguish between a Buyer-consumer and a Buyer who is not a consumer.

        1. A Buyer-consumer is a person who concludes a contract and carries it out without a connection to their business or trade activities. A natural person or a legal person buying products for reasons other than doing business with these products or services.

        2. A Buyer is a person that is not a consumer and they buy products or use services in order to do business with them. This kind of a Buyer will follow the Commercial Code, and its terms and conditions to the extent to which they are applicable.

      3. Contract - contract for purchase of items the Buyer put into the virtual “box“ (used similarly as an internet shopping cart), after they placed the order and it was confirmed by the Seller

      4. Items – bakers' and confectioners' products which can be subject to the sales according to the Terms and Conditions

      5. Terms and Conditions - general terms and conditions for sales of items which form an inseparable part of the contract


    1. How to make a purchase

      1. If you are interested in buying items offered in the internet shop, place them into the virtual “box“ (our version of a shopping cart). It’s possible to change the number of items or erase them before the order is placed. You can always see all the items you chose, their individual prices, number of pieces, total cost, and the costs of delivery of the ordered items (if applicable).

      2. The order is complete when the information identifying the Buyer, the date and place of delivery have been filled in. After you have sent your order to us by pressing the “Buy“ button it becomes a representation of a Buyer's suggestion to conclude a purchase contract.

      3. The Seller confirms their acceptance of the order forthwith by an e-mail sent automatically from the Seller's server.

      4. The confirmation of the order represents acceptance of the Buyer's suggestion to conclude a purchase contract. The contract is concluded at the moment of delivery of the order confirmation to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer. If the Buyer has entered the contact details wrongly, and thus the order confirmation cannot be delivered, the Seller is entitled to cancel the order.

    2. Cancellation of an order

      1. The Buyer can cancel their order until at the latest 10 am on the day preceding the day of delivery. The cancellation must be carried out over the phone at +420 603 42 42 68. In cancelling the order the Buyer must provide the name, a list of the ordered items, and the date in which the order was placed.

      2. The Seller is entitled to cancel the order in part or entirety only if the items are no longer being produced, temporarily unavailable, or if the price of the items has changed significantly. In that case the Seller will contact the Buyer by phone, and a solution will be suggested (replacing the items ordered by different ones, cancellation of the order etc.)


    1. Terms of payment

      1. It is possible to pay for the items in the following ways:

        1. in cash, on delivery of the items, where the money is accepted by an employee of the Seller who delivered the items

        2. by a cash or a card payment on picking up the items at one of the Seller's shops

    2. Terms of delivery

      1. The manner and place of delivery is defined by the Buyer in their order

      2. The Seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract or not to deliver items for the duration of the period of time when the Buyer has overdue payables with the Seller.

      3. The Seller provides delivery service to the following locations: Hošťálkovice, Hrabová, Krásné Pole, Lhotka, Mariánské hory a Hulváky, Martinov, Michálkovice, Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, Nová Bělá, Nová Ves, Ostrava-jih, Petřkovice, Plesná, Polanka nad Odrou, Poruba, Proskovice, Pustkovec, Radvanice and Bartovice, Slezská Ostrava, Stará Bělá, Svinov, Třebovice, Vítkovice, Dolní Lhota, Vřesina, Klimkovice, Petřkovice, Koblov, Heřmanice. It is possible to arrange the delivery outside this area at a rate of 10 CZK per km.

    3. Complaints and the guarantee of quality

      1. On delivery, the Buyer is obliged to check the items and to complain immediately in case there are visible faults.

      2. The Seller provides a guarantee of quality lasting for the period of time stated on the items. The items are to be consumed forthwith and must be stored in a cold place. The responsibility of the Seller for faults in their items is governed by Act no. 89/2012 Coll., of the Civic Code. If a complaint is justified, the Buyer is entitled to request the items be exchanged or discounted.


    1. All the contractual relationships are concluded in accordance with the legal framework of the Czech Republic. If one of the contracting parties is a consumer, the part of relationships not covered by these Terms and Conditions will be governed by Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civic Code, and by Act 476/2013 Coll., the act on protection of consumers. If the other contracting party is not a consumer, the parts of relationships not covered by these Terms and Conditions will be governed by Act No. 513/1991 Coll., the Commercial Code.

    2. The Buyer agrees with their personal data being collected and processed by the Seller for the purposes of delivery and promotion of items. The treatment of data is subject to Act 101/2000 Coll. on protection of personal data. The Buyers' right to access their personal data and to change it, as well as other rights connected to their data are reserved. On the basis of a written request to do so, the data may be erased from the database. A Buyers' personal data is fully protected from abuse.

    3. The Buyer herein agrees to being sent information about news in the range of items and changes in the Seller's Terms and Conditions by e-mail.

    4. Changes to Terms and Conditions may only be carried out in writing, and are valid as of the date of their publication.



Ollies dorty s.r.o.
Výstavní 108/2968
IČO : 28596030
DIČ : cz28596030




These Returns and Refunds Terms and Conditions are valid for purchase of Ollies dorty s.r.o. products in their outlets, over the phone or online. They specify rights and obligations of both the seller and the buyer.


Complaints will be handled in accordance with the Returns and Refunds Terms and Conditions of Ollies dorty s.r.o. and the currently valid legal framework of the Czech Republic. It is possible to complain about goods in accordance with the Returns and Refunds Terms and Conditions over the phone (+420 603 42 42 68) or in person in one of our outlets, 24 hours after the delivery at the latest, strictly on condition that the recommended storage conditions were kept! In case of visual faults, the complaint must be made with the deliverer.

Storage conditions, warranty and returns and refunds terms and conditions

All goods are stored and transported in temperatures not exceeding 8°C. After delivery of the goods to their destination, the same storage conditions must be kept. When not stored at the above mentioned temperatures, goods are at threat of deterioration for which Ollies dorty s.r.o. refuse to take any responsibility and will not accept any subsequent complaints. When goods are stored properly, a full guarantee on quality of goods till their expiry date is granted. If a product is to be found faulty as far as ingredients or taste is concerned, contact us forthwith on +420 603 42 42 68, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The complaint must be made immediately upon the discovery of the fault, complaints made at a later time will not be taken into consideration.


Ollies dorty goods must be stored at temperatures between 4 °C and 8°C (cakes, desserts ), and up to 18°C for chocolates, separate from other foods due to the danger of contamination with odors or microorganisms. Breach of these conditions will result in the loss of the right to complain.


1. All orders placed online at are binding. By placing an order a customer confirms that they have read these Terms and Conditions and accept them.

2. The online order is only valid if all the compulsory fields in the form have been completed.

3. The delivery address is the address the buyer entered in the order form.

4. The goods become a possession of the buyer on the hand-over, provided that the purchase price has been paid.

Cancellation terms

If the full price or a deposit has been paid and the order is cancelled at the latest 10 days before the delivery date, Ollies dorty s.r.o. oblige to pay the paid price or deposit back in its entirety, without a cancellation fee; any later than 10 days ahead of the delivery date, there is a cancellation fee charged as follows:

8-9 days before the delivery date 40% of the amount paid;

6-7 days before the delivery date 50% of the amount paid;

4-5 days before the delivery date 60% of the amount paid;

3 days before the delivery date 80% of the amount paid;

2 days before the delivery date 90% of the amount paid;

1 day before the delivery date 100% of the amount paid.

For further information write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: +420 603 42 42 68.


- The Returns and Refunds Terms and Conditions lay out the rights and obligations of the contracting parties in case of complaints about goods.

- A crucial condition for an acceptation of a complaint is the presentation of the original of a receipt or an invoice and a photo of the product complained about. It is necessary to present a delivery note if it contains data not included on the invoice/receipt and thus serves as a warranty card.

- The Returns and Refunds Terms and Conditions apply to goods bought and complained about in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

- The date of making a complaint is the date when goods were returned to the seller at a place specified by the Terms and Conditions.

- The act of signing a delivery note or a receipt by the customer, the act of placing an order of goods, or their physical acceptation are acts of confirmation of the fact that the customer has read the General Terms and Conditions, Warranty Conditions and Returns and Refunds Terms and Conditions and accepts them.

- The Returns and Refunds Terms and Conditions are valid for all cases unless a written agreement was concluded which would set different conditions for trade, warranty and complaints.


The buyer is entitled to exertion of warranty on goods bought from the seller showing faults covered by a warranty.

The buyer is obliged to inspect the goods on their take-over and thus find out about any faults discoverable in that manner, and to check whether the goods are complete. If any faults or shortcomings should be found out, they must be complained about on hand-over of goods. Complaints about faults not discoverable by visual inspection should be made in accordance with other clauses of the Returns and Refunds Terms and Conditions.

With food products such as cakes, mini-desserts, chocolates and other products available for order, a warranty is granted in the scope required by the legislation for goods designated for immediate consumption. Complaints about damaged or incomplete goods, including complaints about faults discoverable on visual inspection, must be made on acceptance of the goods. Later complaints will not be considered. Complaints about taste, ingredients or other features not discoverable by a visual inspection must be made on the discovery of the fault forthwith; nevertheless, the buyer must make sure products are kept at temperatures and conditions required by the law and directives concerning production and storage of food from the moment of their delivery till the moment of making the complaint.

Whether the complaint was justified or not will be decided by an Ollies dorty employee in charge. With products for immediate consumption the justified complaints will result in correction or replacement of goods. By acceptance of the goods the customer accepts these Terms and Conditions without reservations. It is impossible to complain about goods that have been partially consumed. The producer does not take responsibility for shortcomings of products caused by changes in contents or production required by the customer. The customer confirms the fact that the products were altered upon their request or produced according to their wishes by accepting the ordered goods.

The warranty is voided in each of the following instants:

Loss of the delivery receipt.

The complaint was made after the expiry date.

The goods were altered by the buyer.

The goods were damaged in a mechanical way or otherwise.

The goods were damaged at transport (e.g. the goods were not transported cooled to the necessary temperature).

The goods were used in conditions unlike common flats or restaurant spaces equipped with cooling technologies as for the temperature, dust levels, humidity, chemical and mechanical properties.

The goods were damaged by being used in conflict with General Terms and Conditions, Warranty Conditions or Returns and Refunds Terms and Conditions or in conflict wit general rules valid for use or consumption of such goods.

Goods were damaged by natural elements.

Also, the buyer cannot exert the warranty on faults they were informed about by the seller at the moment of concluding the purchase contract, or taking into consideration the circumstances under which the contract was concluded and the buyer must have known about. The seller, in the sense of the valid legislation, reserves the right to replace faulty goods that cannot be corrected with other goods of similar parameters.


The seller, in the sense of the valid legislation, provides a warranty on the goods required by the law, if there is no other warranty specified for the particular case. The warranty on goods for instant consumption is only granted in the extent required by the law currently dealing with warranties. The term goods for instant consumption refers to all products or goods manufactured by Ollies dorty of alimentary nature. Specifically, this refers to cakes, wedding cakes, desserts, koláče, chocolates, pastries and other goods if they form a part of the order.

-If goods are exchanged for new ones, a delivery note will be issued for the customer, that will provide him with the same warranty as for any new goods.


All justified complaints are dealt with for free.

If a complaint is unjustified, the customer will be charged the cost of checking and correction of goods amounting to a minimum of 200,- Kč + VAT.


If the fault is one that can be corrected, the complaint will be dealt with in the following ways:

The seller is obliged to remove the fault forthwith or exchange the goods.

The instant exchange of the product depends on the amount of stock available.

The seller can always opt for the exchange of a faulty product for one without faults (the choice of the way how the warranty will be honoured is always up to the seller and the buyer cannot demand a certain way unless the legislation states otherwise. In that case Ollies dorty would proceed according to the valid legislation).

The seller can always reimburse the sales price in place of a correction of the fault or exchange of the product (the choice of the way how the warranty will be honoured is always up to the seller and the buyer cannot demand a certain way unless the legislation states otherwise. In that case Ollies dorty would proceed according to the valid legislation).

It is impossible to make a complaint and demand an exchange of a product that has been partially consumed or devalued in any way.

Complaints are only handled at Ollies' premises, transport of goods to there is up to the complainant. Information on the course of the complaint handling will be provided by an Ollies dorty employee in charge of complaints.

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