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Our customers' references

  • Zuzka Eliášová

    Hello Mrs. Michalčáková,
    Yes, everything was completly alrgiht,thank you very much !! We were glad to use your service.
    Everybody liked your cake, We looking forward for another sweets from you.
    Zuzka Eliášová

  • Tereza Ondráková

    Cake was delicious, everyones loved it.We have been totally satisfied with taste, lookout and service aswell. I would recommend you to my friends. Your cake was simply fabulous. After our experience we ordered a cake for our one year old daughter,
    Thank you very much and we can not wait to get another sweet cake from your production.
    Tereza Ondráková.

  • Marie Kněžíček Ryšková

    I would like to thank you for cooperation with delivery your cakes to our weddings, which we had 20.6.2014 – even that our wedding were 300km away from Ostrava city, I did not regret that we choose your company. Thank you for discount which you gave us for unstandard delivery. Cakes were great our wedding guests really liked them. We appreciate gluten free option which is still not standart in pastry production.
    I wish you a lot satisfied customers and we will stay with you in future.
    Marie Kněžíček Ryšková

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