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  • Svatební dort - reference Hello Ms Gondková,

    the cakes arrived fine, they looked lovely and tasted great. I will sure recommend you.

    I wish you a nice day. Karin Kubečková

    Karin Kubečková

  • Svatební dort - reference Hello,

    the cake was gorgeous and everyone loved its taste. We were very satisfied, we appreciate mainly your professional approach. It only is a pity I had to arrange the marzipan figures for the top separately... fortunately the staff at the pub managed to fit them on the cake, but we were all worried the cake would not survive it :D I am attaching photos. If only your business thrives!

    Klára and Honza

  • Svatební dort - reference Hello Ms Gondková,

    thank you for the outstanding cake, which was a delight to all the wedding guests. We were absolutely satisfied.

    Best regards,

    Mrs. Juhosová :)


  • Svatební dort - reference Hello, your cake was one of the things that we did not have to worry about at all. You recommended the colour combinations and details of the cake very well so it went with the wedding table, and your delivery of the cake right to the hotel at a set time spared us so much trouble! The cake was impeccable, our guests praised its taste a lot (mainly in the combination with coffee). Thank you!


  • Svatební dort - reference

    Brzdová Petra

  • Svatební dort - reference We would like to thank you for the unsurpassable wedding cake. Everybody was thrilled and asked who the supplier was, so we did a bit of advertising for you:-)


  • Svatební dort - reference Good morning Ms. Gondková,

    I apologize for the late answer. We would like to thank you, the cake was very good and beautiful, too. Unfortunately because of the heat that day, it collapsed a little, but it wasn't very visible and did not have effect on the taste at all :-). Our guests were speaking very highly of it, the raspberry filling was very appropriate for a summer wedding.

    I am attaching a few photos, hopefully you will be able to choose from them.

    I wish you all the best and many satisfied customers!



    Lucie & Lukáš

  • Svatební dort - reference Good morning,

    The cakes were delicious, our guests loved them and finished them all to the last bit. We won't get the photos from the professional photographer for six weeks, but she did take some pictures of the cakes, so if there is a good one, I will surely send it to you. In the meantime I am attaching one of ours.

    Many thanks. We were very satisfied. Your recommendation of the green colour was a very good one. It looked great at the wedding.

    Many regards,

    Tereza Bajerová

    Tereza Bajerová

  • Svatební dort - reference Good morning,

    The wedding cake and all the other cakes were really excellent, just as we expected.

    Thank you a lot! I have not received a good photo of the cakes yet, just a snapshot from the cake-cutting, where the cake is not very well visible. But I must repeat that the cake was great!

    Klára Široká

    Klára Široká

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    Bohdana Moravcová

  • Svatební dort - reference Hello, attached we are sending a photo of our wedding cake, which was amazing :-) Everybody was praising it.

    Thank you and have a good day,

    The Zárubas


  • Svatební dort - reference Hello, I have to admit with great respect, that the cake turned out to be a success – both visually and taste-wise. Everybody, including us – the newly-weds, loved it, and none of it was left. I believe we will seek your services again, when a ceremonial occasion arises.

    Petr Tanhäuser

  • Svatební dort - reference Everything was all right, we were fully satisfied, everything went smoothly and everybody liked the cake, thanks.


  • Svatební dort - reference As I promised, I am sending a photo from our wedding with your wonderful cake :-)

    Andrea Stiborová