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If you would like to get a cake tommorow, than you have to place order before 10 a.m.

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Our customers' references

  • Pavlína Górski

    Good morning,
    Cake was really great, but that does not suprise me, because all of your products has constantly great quality. We were totally satisfied with your services, cake decorations and on time delivery. I would fully recommend you
    Pavlína Górski

  • Tímea Lojkásková

    Good afternoon,
    Everything was alright as we deal on our personal meeting. Cake was wonderfull and delicious. We are recomending you everywhere where’s possible. I am sending you some pictures of us and your cake.
    Wish you a lot of satisfied customers.
    Tímea Lojkásková

  • Vancovi

    We were very satisfied with wedding cake.
    Thank you Vancovi;-)

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