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Bowls s kuřecí masem

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If you would like to get a cake tommorow, than you have to place order before 10 a.m.

How to order?

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Jakým způsobem si můžu objednat dort s obrázkem?

Úplně jednoduše! :-) Vyberte si dort v našem e-shopu a vytvořte objednávku. Následně nám zašlete obrázek na e-mail: a uveďte, jaký dort a na jaký termín jste si jej objednali. My si obrázek přiřadíme k Vaší objednávce. A abyste měli naprostou jistotu, že je vše v pořádku, bude Vás kontaktovat naše asistentka, která Vám sdělí, že přiřazení dortu proběhlo úspěšně.

Je možné si nechat v cukrárně odložit dort?

V cukrárnách dorty bohužel neodkládáme. Můžete si jej objednat den předem do 10. hodiny dopolední. Dort pak bude připraven přímo na Vaše jméno. Pokud jste si nestihli dort předem objednat, tak nezoufejte, můžete si přijít vybrat dort z aktuální nabídky přímo do našich cukráren.

Nestihl/a jsem si objednat dort, můžu si jej zakoupit bez objednávky?

Samozřejmě! :-) Pokud jste prošvihli termín na objednání dortu, můžete kdykoliv přijet do cukrárny a vybrat si dort dle aktuální nabídky přímo v cukrárnách Ollies.

Is it possible to order a half or quarte-cake in advance?

No, unfortunately with the rising number of these orders we have had to stop accepting them. It is possible to buy half, a quarter or a twelfth of a cake in the pastry shop.

Are all your products available only on order, or can I buy them without an advance order in your pastry shops?

It is safer and cheaper for you to order goods in advance, phoning +420 603 42 42 68, online at or in person in our shops. Within our capacity we try to have a daily reserve of entire cakes and strudels, but due to the high demand we can’t guarantee that you will always get what you desire.

When is the latest I can place my order?

It is necessary to place an order a day in advance, by 10pm!!! We can’t accept orders any later due to the necessity to maintain the production, maturation and cooling processes.

Are you able to deliver your products?

Yes, we deliver our products every day, including weekends and holidays, between 8am and 4pm. We deliver within the area of Ostrava (see Terms and Conditions). When you are placing the order you want delivered, state the exact name of the street, (the “orientation“) house number, town part and the time by which you need it delivered. (Allow an extra half an hour so that we do not complicate your departure for the party).

How much is it to have your products delivered?

If you order one cake, the delivery costs 50 CZK, and for 2 or more cakes the delivery within the Ostrava area is free! (note: strudels, gugelhupfs and other products from the “Pastry“ section are not considered cakes)

For how long do you guarantee that your products will keep?

We guarantee freshness for 48 hours. We use high-quality fresh ingredients without preservatives and chemical substances in the production of our goods. The fact that we work with fresh ingredients makes us keep the terms of delivery as short as possible. All the products are sent out immediately after the production, maturation and cooling processes are finished, with the cooling cycle and hygienic standards maintained all the way to you.

Can you cut the cake in advance for us?

We do not want to cut cakes in advance or recommend doing so as there is a danger that at the end of your journey they would not look as they did when you picked them up. If you are concerned about being able to cut the cake into even pieces, we can make a mark on top for you, dividing the cake into 12 even parts.

Does the price include a box and VAT?

Yes, all the prices include boxes and VAT.

Will the cake survive being transported by car?

As we know from our clients, our cakes have successfully made it to Austria and Italy. The only client we could not satisfy was the one who wanted our cakes transported to Argentina. In the event of higher temperatures we recommend using insulation-type plastic bags available in supermarkets.

In what temperature should the cakes be kept?

We recommend keeping the cakes at a temperature of 4 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Do you make cakes for children?

Yes, we do. You can find photographs of them in the section called “Children's Cakes“. If you did not find the cake you wanted, it is possible to arrange a personal consultation to discuss your individual requirements, where we will provide options and a quotation. Orders of children's cakes must be placed at least 3 days in advance.

Do you make wedding cakes? How long in advance must I order?

Yes, we do. You can find photographs of them in the “Wedding Cakes“ section. If you did not find a cake you wanted, it is possible to arrange a personal consultation to discuss your individual requirements, where we will provide options and a quotation. Orders of wedding cakes must be placed at least 1 month in advance.

Do you make cakes in the shape of a dinosaur, a guitar...?

We do not produce cakes in the shape of a dinosaur, a guitar, a mobile phone, a train engine, oversize female breasts, a football or other shapes! Cakes of these shapes and types require procedures and ingredients we do not want to use.

Do you make gluten-free cakes?

Yes, we do make cakes for people on gluten-free diet. Due to the need for special ingredients, it is necessary to place the order 2 days in advance, though. The extra fee for a gluten-free cake is 250 CZK.

Is it possible to pay by card in your shops?

Yes, we accept VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB and DinersClub cards.

Is it possible to pay with food vouchers (stravenky) in your shops?

No, unfortunately we do not accept food vouchers (stravenky). We thank you for your understanding.

What are the opening times of your shops? Are you open weekends and public holidays?

The Ollies pastry shop is open daily from 8:30 to 7 pm including weekends and holidays. The only days in the year when we are closed are from 24th to 26th of December and on the 1st of January.

Do you regularly deliver cakes to cafés and restaurants? How can I arrange to be supplied regularly?

Yes, and the conditions are negotiated individually.

Is it possible to book tables in the shop/café e.g. to hold a birthday party?

Yes, the pastry shop can be closed to the public for a private function under individually negotiated conditions.

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  • Dear Lucie sorry for sending the photos so late, I hope you enjoy making the cake as much as we are eating it. Love Evelyn Evelyn and Ondrej

  • Hello, Thank you one more time for brilliant wedding cake (we still getting great feedback on cake from our wedding... Renáta Prnka (Schubertová)

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