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Bowls s kuřecí masem

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In Ollies we fight to survive. And that means straight focus on important things for all of our 90 people. Before we realized that this closure won’t last just two weeks, but maybe two months, it took time to transform the whole business and thinking. Especially for me, cause the words as online, e-commerce and other technological related terms could sound as cursing to me. You will probably find me near the oven or at the personal meeting with someone, me writing into the notebook with actual pen. Everything happened during the saturday morning, when they called me at 5.30am that the government says there is a new restriction about closing the restaurants and other services. We reacted quickly and opened through the windows, on some shops we even moved the food trucks close to them, in the case that the window shopping won’t be allowed. Since everybody who has restaurant was doing the sales through window, we stayed open like that in all our 4 shops.

The first ideas came quickly, but the realization took longer, even few days and that’s a lot in this situation. We restored quickly all the delivery companies as WOLT, UBEReats and damejidlo, but some of them took it several days, and anyway the commissions are that high, that it is not sustainable. Who can cut off 25% of their final price and still have some profit out of it ? Utopia. Nevermind, we took it as a marketing option. Fortunately there were also companies as Nesnězeno, who offered new service, where you can also sell food for full price, they also deliver it and they gave up their commission to help food and beverage companies. Amazing isn’t it ? Apart from that we managed to do our own delivery in Ostrava, express delivery where we took our waitresses and pastry chefs to drive and we figured out how do it by ourselves. You can order any of all our products and they will deliver it to you within 2 hours. Since we have a new chef for our branch of bistros from 1st of March, he jumped into it and now we have also special daily menu for lunch and delivery that we didn’t have before. Then there came perfect idea from to create Rohlikbistro, when they also offered decent conditions for collaboration and their grid of customers where they will promote this project, again to help the restaurants. From the first day its running surprisingly great.

Also we step into interesting projects that had been made from day to another also to help the companies in these tough times as, #Malynakupvelkapomoc , we also joined the group, to be the pick-up point and earn some money like that. Then we developed the Ollies products which you can prepare at home, the simplier are croissants, that you get frozen and you just let them proof and bake at home. Imagine wonderful morning with the smell of freshly baked croissants. The more difficult are macarons, we prepared a kit, where you have all the ingridients and utensils (except for beater and oven) with the technological process and video. That is a challenge, because it is one of the most difficult dessert to make. There will be also some competitions of best macaron. And we are thinking of many more. We also support some medical centers and hospitals and deliver them our product for doctors, and nurses, if you want to join us, you can buy a voucher for one cake for 800 CZK and we will sent it to hospitals and you will get the credit of 200 CZK as a gifrt from us.


Link to vouchers :

Link to the macarons :


Link to the croissants :


If you decide to support us anyhow, the smallest package is for 99CZK of three croissants to the bigger ones as macarons and the one we called GIVE THE CAKE TO HOSPITALS AND SUPPORT OLLIES that is for 800 CZK for one cake, you get 200 CZK and you can spend it in our shops or e-shop 


Thanks Tereza


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  • Dobrý den, paní Blahutová, ráda bych Vám i Vašemu týmu poděkovala za skvělý catering a nádherný svatební dort na svatbu... Lenka Stachová

  • Dear Lucie sorry for sending the photos so late, I hope you enjoy making the cake as much as we are eating it. Love Evelyn Evelyn and Ondrej

  • Hello, Thank you one more time for brilliant wedding cake (we still getting great feedback on cake from our wedding... Renáta Prnka (Schubertová)

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