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Bowls s kuřecí masem

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Dear customers and friends, 


Last weeks our whole society fights with world pandemic. Not all of us, neither individuals, neither companies, neither communities are facing the same depth of bad impact, but all of us are somehow trying to help in the fight. From the first day of closure of restaurants and shops we are facing the 90% drop of sales. It was hard to plan how many products we should produce for the next day to our temporary sales windows, so we will be sold out. We tried to use special offers as “buy 2 and get 1 for free”, but even after that the demand wasn’t sufficient enough, so at the end of the days we gave our products to the staff of emergency centers and hospitals in Ostrava and Olomouc to let the doctors and other people in the biggest stress have something sweet to relieve their nerves, but all on our expenses. All the events, celebrations and caterings are closed. Most of our 90 employees don’t have anything to work on. The quarantine and the closure continues and we will not survive this regime for long. We launched new products which you can prepare with our guidance from home, we started express delivery in Ostrava , next week continuing in Olomouc.



Also we created this project where we can together support and make the sweeter lives for the doctors, nurses and other emergency staff who needs that right now the most. At the same time you will support our company so we don’t need to close the production. We will cover our costs and we can continue with our all employees till following months. Give one cake for the price 800 CZK and as a gift from us you will get 200 CZK gift card which you can use in all our shops or e-shop 



Thank You for all your support in these tough times, lots of You are still coming to our windows or buying products through our e-shop. We can’t wait for the days when we all meet up in our shops as usual.


Health, love and support from Ollies!

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Tell us about your wonderful experiences with our goodies.

  • Dobrý den, paní Blahutová, ráda bych Vám i Vašemu týmu poděkovala za skvělý catering a nádherný svatební dort na svatbu... Lenka Stachová

  • Dear Lucie sorry for sending the photos so late, I hope you enjoy making the cake as much as we are eating it. Love Evelyn Evelyn and Ondrej

  • Hello, Thank you one more time for brilliant wedding cake (we still getting great feedback on cake from our wedding... Renáta Prnka (Schubertová)

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