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Freshness of cakes and desserts

Freshness = the most liveliest taste at the peak stage of ripeness. As with an apple on a tree, there is a time when it is green, sour, unready… and then it ripens, achieving perfect colour and taste. And then it dries out, changes inside, often in a way we do not like. It is the same with desserts made in the way we make them. We do not want to block the best taste at the end of the ripening process, when all the tastes mix correctly, by any preservatives, preservation processes, freezing or another isolation method. At the very moment when our desserts are at their best we put them on a plate or into the box delivered directly to you according to your wish, so that you can enjoy the freshness. We do not recommend to try and stretch this period much over 48 hours, but from our experience, because of their irresistibility, from the moment of the first bite, the finishing of the desserts approach much faster than that. We recommend that if there are pauses in consumption of the desserts, try to keep them at a temperature of about 8 degrees Celsius. To get most pleasure from the freshness, buy little and come more often, we will be happy to provide diversity.

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