Bowls s kuřecí masem

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Bowls s kuřecí masem

Donate cake for health professionals & support Ollies

Donate cake for health professionals & support Ollies

The quarantine and the closure continues and we will not survive this regime for long. Also we created this project where we can together support and make the sweeter lives for the doctors, nurses and other emergency staff who needs that right now the most. At the same time you will support our company so we don’t need to close the production. We will cover our costs and we can continue with our all employees till following months. Give one cake for the price 800 CZK and as a gift from us you will get 200 CZK gift card which you can use in all our shops or e-shop

If you purchase this voucher we will send your voucher with the gift of 200 CZK to your address together with the donation agreement.
If you are company with more than 25 employees, we can also arrange facultative compensation through our sheltered workshop.
Price: 800 CZK


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