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Bowls s kuřecí masem

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About us

The company was established as an extension of our parent company belonging to Ing. Olga Gondková, which has been operating in this area since 1999. This is why the name of the new company is derived from our mother's first name, as it was always her idea to bring a little sweetness to people's lives.

Our history

Once upon a time, during the communist regime, Oli (Olga Gondková) studied at the department of milk processing at the Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology at Prague University. In spring 1990 she and her husband Ivo Gondek started a business, which soon brought them to the field of gastronomy. At the end of the last century, on October 19, 1999, a funny story happened that inadvertently laid the foundations of our company. The family went to try out an Italian-style cafe in one of the first supermarkets in Ostrava. We were served lovely-aromatic espresso with milk, which brought back memories of a journey around Lago di Garda in Italy.

We talked about how nice it would be if one could have marvellous tiramisu right here, as we had in a café by the lake. Two tables from us there was a lone gentleman sitting who, as we later found out, was the owner of the café. He joined in the discussion saying that he would also very much like to offer tiramisu with the coffee. He added that, not being from Ostrava, he put a lot effort in searching for a patisserie, but could not find one that could produce and supply tiramisu. He said he was quite desperate. We agreed, and boldly claimed that from time to time we made our own tiramisu at home according to the Italian recipes, and buy cialis australia in the way we saw and experienced in Italy, so we “pamper ourselves with heaven in our mouths“ as an advertising slogan for this unique dessert described. When he implored us to produce tiramisu for him too, we replied that we’re just not in that business. But he insisted, as he could not see any other option. We mentioned that Oli is on maternity leave, so she could make a few pieces for him to try what we enjoy in our home.

As we had promised, a day later we brought the owner of the café 20 pieces of tiramisu. We told him that he wouldn’t be buying it from us anyway, as we made it exactly like we make it for ourselves, from original high-quality ingredients, which makes the price unacceptable. It would be three times the price of the most expensive dessert in Ostrava at that time (the once-famous “větrník“).

Nevertheless, he had more courage and business spirit than we expected. He added about 100% to our “unacceptable“ price and put the dessert up for sale. We smiled at his lack of understanding of the Ostrava consumers and parted. He phoned us about four hours later.

To our question: “How are things going? Is there a problem?“ He replied: “Yes, I am out of tiramisu!“ “I guess you found out it was impossible to sell, so you handed it out for free as promotion, right?“

“Not at all! The customers were excited just like me, and nobody cared about the price of this experience! Would you be so kind to bring 20 more pieces tomorrow?“ Well, Oli, you’re on maternity leave, have nothing to do… go play with the tiramisu. But the quality of the experience was promoted by the customers such that our buyers “made us“ start a regular business in this field. Then they started to ask if there are other cakes we could make, if we could make a special strudel etc., etc., etc.…

And this is how the word-of-mouth marketing from our customers started to define the development of our company, and supported our enthusiasm in making attractive, tasty, healthy and slim-line friendly products, just like we had seen elsewhere in Europe.

We started to search, test, frenetically seek information, looking for inspiration on our travels, in books, from colleagues in the business, on the internet, and these days we are bestowed with feedback from our ecstatic clients from different places.

As there are thousands of you already, we feel obliged not to give up on the quality, originality, freshness, inventiveness and healthy ingredients that you have come to expect from us.

We believe you will appreciate our original approach and will always remember the unique taste of our desserts.


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  • Dobrý den, paní Blahutová, ráda bych Vám i Vašemu týmu poděkovala za skvělý catering a nádherný svatební dort na svatbu... Lenka Stachová

  • Dear Lucie sorry for sending the photos so late, I hope you enjoy making the cake as much as we are eating it. Love Evelyn Evelyn and Ondrej

  • Hello, Thank you one more time for brilliant wedding cake (we still getting great feedback on cake from our wedding... Renáta Prnka (Schubertová)

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